Police nab easy targets, right in their own parking lot

| 4/1/2013

This story out of New Jersey has got to rank very high on the “duh” scale.

Police say four men in their early 20s pulled into the parking lot of the state police barracks in Totowa, north of Newark, so that one of them could get his car out of the police impound lot.

While he was inside, the other three lit up marijuana cigarettes.

Patrol spokesman, Sgt. Brian Polite, says that proved unwise.

“Because a trooper who was going through a personal vehicle, in the parking lot actually, smelled the marijuana and responded to that vehicle … and the four guys were quickly placed under arrest,” Polite told “Land Line Now.”

Sgt. Polite says they confiscated 15 bags of marijuana from the car along with about a dozen pills that looked suspiciously like ecstasy.