Lawmakers call for a hold on new HOS regs

| 3/22/2013

Three more lawmakers have joined the call for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to hold off on implementing the new hours-of-service regulations in July.

The three latest voices in the chorus belong to Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME, who serves on the Senate Appropriations Committee, and Reps. Tom Latham, R-IA, and Ed Pastor, D-AZ, who are on the House version of that committee. The three sent off a letter to the FMCSA on Thursday, March 21.

They join several members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee – including chairman Bill Shuster, R-Pa, and ranking member Nick Rahall, D-WV – who sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood earlier in the week.

At the bottom of it all is a petition for review filed by the American Trucking Associations in the U.S. Court of Appeals late last week. The ATA claims that the new rules will cost the industry nearly half a billion dollars a year and that they won’t improve safety.

The Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit is expected to rule on the case in June.