Florida DOT to spend millions on bridge marked for destruction

| Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Florida Department of Transportation announced on Tuesday, March 19, that it will spend about $5 million dollars to repair a bridge that is already scheduled to be torn down.

There is a reason for the decision. The state is trying to keep the old bridge – which is sinking – open until construction on a replacement bridge is complete.

The Orlando Sun Sentinel reported that the DOT had initially planned to close the old bridge on April 1 in the interest of public safety, while expediting construction of the new bridge.

However, with the new bridge not yet finished, the DOT realized that not having a bridge would be economically detrimental to the surrounding city of Palm Springs, and decided to take steps to keep the old bridge in operation as long as possible.

The old bridge’s foundation will be stabilized, a process that will take about six months and will also cause construction on the new bridge to be further delayed during that time.