Pork Chop Diaries: Your passport to MATS

| 3/18/2013

This week, the world of trucking will come together in Louisville for the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show. OOIDA, Land Line and Land Line Now staff will be there early and leave late – and we’ll be telling all on our online MATS blog, “The Pork Chop Diaries” on the Land Line Magazine website.

“The Pork Chop Diaries” is like an online diary of what’s happening at the show – which officially is scheduled for March 21-13. But from the time we start getting ready to hit the road from Kansas City to Kentucky to the end of the monster event, you’ll get reports from our bloggers. It’s live now and we’re posting. Are you in the mood yet? Click here.

Who’s blogging? Land Line Magazine Editor-in-chief Sandi Soendker, who knows her way around MATS; Managing Editor Jami Jones who is never far away from the epicenter of whatever big is happening; Associate Editor Dave Tanner, who has become a trained observer to the whole spectacle, and Field Editor Suzanne Stempinski, your ultimate in-the-know gal.

You’ll also hear from Columnist Bill Hudgins, who always sees more than first meets the eye, and Columnist David Sweetman, who always slips effortlessly into this “fabric of trucking” event, because, well, he is the fabric of trucking.

But, wait, there’s more. Land Line Now radio host Mark Reddig will be blogging, too, along with LL Now news anchor Reed Black. You may even read a bit from Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson, who will no doubt be in search of any and all new truckin’ technology.

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