California judge sides with misclassified Seacon Logix drivers

By Clarissa Kell-Holland, Land Line staff writer | 3/4/2013

A California Superior Court judge has ordered a Carson, CA-based trucking company to pay four drivers more than $107,800 after agreeing they were misclassified and were actually employees of Seacon Logix Inc., not independent contractors as the company claimed.

The drivers originally filed wage claims back in 2011, claiming they were not reimbursed for business expenses and unlawful deductions, including weekly truck rental fees and liability insurance costs, while working for Seacon, according to a news release issued by the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Greg Siggins, communications specialist with the DIR, told Land Line on Monday, March 4, this is a big win for drivers who are misclassified in the state of California.

Siggins said misclassification was a problem in California and specifically, a “huge one” in the trucking industry.

“It’s something the labor commissioner is working to combat and make sure that all employers in California are classifying their employees or independent contractors properly,” Siggins said.

According to the DIR’s release, the appeal was part of a four-day bench trial in late February at the California Superior Court in Long Beach, CA.

As of February 2012 when Seacon Logix last filed its MCS-150 form, the company lists 65 power units and 64 drivers.

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