FMCSA orders carrier's 28 buses out of service

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer | 2/27/2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered a motor carrier with a large bus fleet to cease operating its fleet over multiple major safety issues.

Fung Wah Bus Transportation, which provides service from New York to Boston, was ordered out of service by FMCSA Feb. 25. The federal safety agency cited the company’s failure to “systematically inspect, repair and maintain its bus fleet.

In an imminent hazard out-of-service order, FMCSA said the company voluntarily placed 21 of its buses out of service Feb. 21 in order to be inspected in accordance with an agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Those inspections found several cracked bus frames in pre-2005 bus models, and the order says Fung Wah performed little vehicle maintenance and didn’t keep up with technical service bulletins posted by manufacturers of its buses.
“Individually and cumulatively, these violations and conditions of operation of these older model vehicles substantially increase the likelihood of serious injury or death to Fung Wah Bus Transportation Inc. drivers, passengers and the motoring public,” the out-of-service order reads.
The order can be read here.
According to its website, Fung Wah is suspending all bus service in compliance with a request by FMCSA for inspections and repair services. Fung Wah also claims it will resume bus service soon after an inspection and repair service are completed by inspectors.
Fung Wah’s website says it is the “largest Chinatown” bus service provider between the two East Coast cities.
FMCSA said it may not be through with Fung Wah just yet.
“FMCSA’s safety investigators are continuing their examination of Fung Wah’s operations, including examining the safety records of its vehicles, drivers and other company safety performance requirements prescribed by federal regulations, and may consider additional actions against the company,” FMCSA said in a news release.
The recent investigations aren’t the first time Fung Wah has been in hot water with FMCSA.
In 2006, FMCSA fined the company $31,110 after one of its buses overturned on a highway ramp in Massachusetts. The wreck resulted in 48 passengers being injured, including some serious injuries. Fung Wah was fined for its drivers exceeding the speed limit and drivers not being able to speak English. The company paid $12,900 in fines in May 2006 for violating safety and traffic regulations.

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