Parts ready for Dynasys APU recall repairs

By Land Line staff | 2/26/2013

Owners of Dynasys APUs were notified by the company that parts are now available to make the necessary repairs on the recalled units.

On Jan. 11, Hodyon began recalling all of the installed Dynasys APUs and advised customers to disable the units immediately. By Feb. 3, the company had developed a fix and a partial workaround where truckers could use the units for heat.

The units were ultimately recalled to repair defects in the wiring harness to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) box, which is typically located under the bunk.

A recent recall notice sent to owners explained that the crimp connections that served as the terminals to the 110 VAC connection to the HVAC box were rated to a capacity very near or below the actual current flowing through the connection. If the wire were to become bent or kinked, it might have a reduced current capacity resulting in localized overheating.

The overheating could have resulted in a fire if any flammable material were nearby.

Starting Feb. 14, Hodyon made parts available to authorized dealers to begin making repairs. When scheduling the repairs, owners need to specify whether they have a unit equipped with shorepower or not.

The repair process will take about three to three and a half hours, but dealers could need the vehicle for longer than that to make the repair.

Owners of Dynasys APUs are encouraged to contact an authorized dealer as soon as possible to schedule the repairs – which will be performed at no cost to the owner, according to Hodyon’s recall notice.

As an alternative, owners may contact Dynasys customer service at 800-289-8282, ext. 3.

Any owner who has paid to have the repairs made already is eligible for reminbursement and should also contact the company.

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