Tough new trucking rule pending review at the OMB

By Land Line staff | 2/21/2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is getting closer to publishing a rule that would set higher standards for companies wanting to do business in trucking. The new rule would also help catch “chameleon carriers” who dodge enforcement by using different identities.

On Feb. 18, the FMCSA sent the final rule for a Unified Registration System to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review.

For years, FMCSA has been working to implement rules that would reform the way it keeps track of the motor carriers, brokers and freight forwarders that the agency regulates. The new system, called a Unified Registration System, will replace several existing identification systems. 

URS would serve as a clearinghouse and depository of information on motor carriers, brokers and freight forwarders and others required to register with the U.S. DOT.

The rule is anticipated to publish in the Federal Register the end of May.

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