Court rejects new trial for convicted killer Mendenhall

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer | 2/7/2013

Former truck driver and convicted killer Bruce Mendenhall has never shown a willingness to go away quietly.
Mendenhall, however, learned this week of a new setback: A court ruled he will not get a new trial.
The Tennessee Court of Appeals rejected Mendenhall’s plea for a new trial in the killing of Sara Nicole Hulbert. In 2010, a jury found the onetime mayoral candidate from Albion, IL, guilty in the shooting death of Sara Nicole Hulbert, 25. Hulbert was found in a truck stop trash bin in Lebanon, TN, in June 2007.
The case drew attention after Mendenhall was implicated in the disappearances of several other women. Investigators found a bag with blood and body parts in his truck at the time of his arrest, and Mendenhall’s bizarre behavior behind bars made headlines.
After first being arrested in July 2007, Mendenhall attempted to order the killings of Lori Young, David Powell and Richard Keim, as well as Tennessee detectives Pat Postiglione and Mike Freeman, the two main investigators in the Hulbert murder case.
Police obtained evidence related to the jailhouse murder plot from letters Mendenhall wrote to family members, as well as recordings of his phone calls. He was convicted for the plot and sentenced to 30 years behind bars.
Mendenhall’s appeal reportedly claimed the bag in his truck and phone calls should not have been admitted as evidence in court.
OOIDA Member Lori Young shared her story of riding with Mendenhall in his truck and subsequently renting a house from him in an exclusive 2010 Land Line Magazine interview available here.

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