Dynasys on track to start repairing units Feb. 11

By Land Line staff | 2/5/2013

Truckers with recalled Dynasys APUs should soon be able to get their units repaired, and in the meantime partially reactivate their units.

A Feb. 3 customer letter from Dynasys told the APU owners that the company was in the process of acquiring the parts necessary to fix the units and was on track to start making repair appointments and repairs by Feb. 11.

In the Jan. 11 letter that initially alerted Dynasys owners to a recall of all Dynasys APUs, the company advised owners to immediately quit using the units and to disable the unit.

Since then, the company’s engineers have determined that a full system shutdown is not necessary.

The recall risk is confined to the power distribution harness connected to the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning box. Because of that, the engineers have determined that the APU can be made “partially active” so it can be used to power the 110/120 volt outlet and the block heater circuit. Instructions on reactivation are included in the Feb. 3 customer letter.

In the meantime, new Dynasys units are not subject to the recall as the wiring harness situation has already been addressed.

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