FBI reminds truckers, U.S. shippers to be aware of Canadian shipping scam

| 1/8/2013

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is again warning truckers and U.S. retailers of a Canadian shipping scam, titled “Operation Canscam” that so far has targeted approximately 180 victims in 38 states.

The FBI launched the investigation back in November 2012 after trucking companies complained they were not paid for loads they hauled to Canada. Construction, tire and auto parts retailers and painting supply companies were also not paid for their materials.

According to the FBI website, the Canadian businesses are typically located around Montreal, Quebec, and request a line of credit with a U.S. business, providing fraudulent references and credit documents.

The FBI has provided the names of five companies allegedly involved in “Operation Canscam.” They are Canstruct Inc., AYA Distributors, Xpress Auto Parts, Point Tech Performer Inc. and Emptech.

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