OOIDA v. Landstar comes to an end

| 1/3/2013

On Thursday, Jan. 3, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association released the following statement:

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has resolved its truth-in-leasing regulations lawsuit against motor carrier Landstar System Inc.
Truth-in-leasing regulations cover transparency in trucking transactions and what motor carriers must reveal to their leased owner-operators. The Association brought the lawsuit in an effort to obtain court rulings that would provide further clarity with respect to the legal obligations of motor carriers under the leasing regulations. As a result of the lawsuit, the meaning of the regulations was further developed by the court. For instance, the court outlined the obligation of motor carriers with respect to describing charge-backs in lease agreements and making supporting documents available. The requirement for motor carriers to strictly comply with the requirements of the regulations was also confirmed. 

In resolving the case, OOIDA and Landstar representatives say they look forward to cooperative dialogue and mutual support regarding any issues of common interest or problems that may arise in the future, with the common objective to avoid court intervention. OOIDA is glad that it could assist in clarifying the rights and obligations of motor carriers to owner-operators, which in turn benefits everyone in the industry.

“We’re pleased to put this litigation behind us. Landstar is a reputable motor carrier with a history of retaining owner-operators who are among the most highly skilled and professional individuals in the trucking industry. We are optimistic that we can work together in the future in advancing the goals of owner-operators,” said Jim Johnston, president of OOIDA.

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