OOIDA board election: Voting extended to Jan. 31

By Sandi Soendker, Land Line editor-in-chief | 12/21/2012

Currently OOIDA is in the middle of its alternate board member election cycle, which will seat five new alternates to the organization’s directing board in 2013. The OOIDA Nomination-Election Committee announced this week it has approved extending the board election voting deadline until the end of next month.

Ballots were sent out Nov. 15 and, originally, the deadline for voting was set for Dec. 31, as the bylaws call for a 45-day voting period following the time that the ballots are mailed.

OOIDA Board Secretary Robert Esler said Thursday that a decision by the board will extend that voting deadline until Jan. 31, 2013. All mailed-in ballots must be postmarked by Jan. 31.

“We’ve discovered this week that due to computer glitch, approximately 700 voting members did not receive their ballots,” said Esler, who chairs the Nomination-Election Committee. “The OOIDA Board of Directors has extended the voting deadline until the end of January, so those members can have ample time to participate in the election process.”

Esler said those ballots are now in the mail.

The nine nominees are Steve Bixler, Valley View, PA; Noel Carpenter, Moore, OK; Johanne Couture, Brockville, ON; Tilden Curl, Olympia, WA; Keith Jibben, Milbank, SD; Gordon Johnson, Fredericktown, OH; Dick Pingel, Plover, WI; Tom Scott, Kirkwood, MO, and Bryan Spoon, Grandy, NC.

There are several ways members can vote. Along with mailing or faxing in the ballot, the Association offers an online ballot process that makes voting easy and secure. Just follow the instructions. It’s a secure site, and only members will have access by providing a name and member number.

You will only be able to vote one time.

To help with the election process, short bios and comments from the nominees were featured in Land Line Magazine’s November issue. If you missed the “Meet the nominee” article, you can find the information online here.

Mini-interviews were aired on our Sirius XM Satellite Radio show, “Land Line Now,” in late November and heads up, on Dec. 26-28, the bios will air again.

Every two years, OOIDA holds an election for alternates to the Association’s Board of Directors. The Nomination-Election Committee determines the list of nominees, made up of members who have had a minimum of five consecutive years of commercial truck driving experience and five consecutive years of active membership in the Association immediately before the nomination.

Alternates will be elected by and from the membership for two-year terms. Alternate directors serve crucial roles for the board and for the Association overall. In addition to taking on voting privileges when board members are unable to participate in meetings, alternates are effectively board members in training. They participate fully in all discussions of issues before the board and may be moved up to full board member positions as terms expire or vacancies of full board member positions open up.

Esler said the winners would be announced the first week in February. The elected alternates will be seated at the spring 2013 board meeting.

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