Connecticut DOT recognizes truck parking problem, seeks to add spaces

By Clarissa Kell-Holland, Land Line staff writer | 12/14/2012

Truck drivers who travel through Connecticut, and much of the Northeast, say overflowing rest areas and travel plazas force them to make difficult decisions when those sites are full – continue driving or pull off on the shoulder and rest.

Kevin Nursick, spokesman for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, told Land Line that 23 service plazas are currently being upgraded in the state. He said five sites have already been reopened. Once all of the service plazas are open, there will be an additional 120 truck parking spaces in the state.

Nursick admits this still isn’t enough to keep up with the volume of trucks passing through the state and that during the service plaza upgrades, some of the sites are closed, which has created parking congestion at the remaining sites.

“We are addressing the issue with the help of the private sector to add parking when we renovate the sites,” Nursick said. “We realize this won’t resolve the parking problem, but we look at it as we are better than we were before.”

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, the driver of a Nissan Sentra was killed after hitting a parked tractor-trailer on the shoulder of the southbound Fairfield rest area on I-95.

“We realize there is more demand than there is a supply of truck parking spaces in the state, but we simply don’t have the land or the facilities to accommodate all of the trucks that travel through here,” Nursick said. “We recognize that nearly everything we need is brought by truck and we are trying to do our part to add parking where we can.”

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