Maryland delegate proposes penalty to camera company for bogus tickets

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 12/14/2012

In Maryland, a state lawmaker figures that if drivers have to pay a penalty when they’re caught by a speed camera, the private company that operates the camera should have a pay a penalty if it issues a mistaken ticket.

For each mistaken ticket, Delegate Jon Cardin is proposing a $1,000 penalty for both the camera company and the city it’s operating in.

Cardin says there have been lots of bogus tickets issued, some of them to truckers.

“We had a situation where a speed camera on Cold Spring Lane in Baltimore City was giving violations out to truckers who were obviously incapable of going beyond a 35- or 40-mile an hour speed limit just based on the fact that the road wouldn’t permit that,” Cardin told “Land Line Now.”

“And you could obviously see that they were not going over the speed limit based on the two double time stamped pictures,” he added.

Cardin hopes the Maryland legislature will take up his bill when the session begins next month.

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