Celadon driver arrested on false imprisonment of team driver

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 12/11/2012

A team driver for Celadon has been charged with false imprisonment and may also face assault charges in Tennessee following an argument with his female co-driver.

Police say 64-year-old Carl Scott and 41-year-old Loria Rogers had delivered a load in Knoxville Thursday, Dec. 6, and were preparing to leave for Texas when the altercation occurred.

“The male asked the female to drive when they left Knoxville. Apparently, it was not her turn to drive and she asked for a few minutes to get prepared,” said Darrell DeBusk, a spokesman for the Knoxville police department.

“According to the female victim, that’s when the male turned on her and began to assault her. She was actually, at one point, put in a headlock and was unconscious.”

Rogers told police that Scott forced her into the sleeper berth and that she was afraid for her life. As he drove down Interstate 75 she emailed a friend pleading for help.

The friend contacted Knoxville police. The investigator began tracking the truck and eventually was able to exchange emails with Rogers while she was still in the sleeper berth.

DeBusk said once the officer was able to determine that complaint was legitimate and not a prank email, he began contacting the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Bradley County, TN, sheriff’s department. Officers from the two departments stopped the truck near the Tennessee-Georgia border.

Officers saw marks on Rogers’ face and neck and determined she was being held against her will and proceeded to arrest Scott on suspicion of false imprisonment.

DeBusk said assault charges will be filed in Knox County, where the altercation occurred.

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