Deer tossed off Virginia overpass hits MCI Express truck

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 12/10/2012

Virginia State Police say early in the morning of Dec. 7, Florida-based MCI Express truck driver who was hauling on Interstate 295 was targeted by someone who took throwing things off an overpass to a dangerous new level.

Sgt. Thomas Molnar says the attack involved a dead deer and a rope. The deer carcass was thrown off the Buffin Road overpass on I-295 near Varina, VA. The tractor-trailer driver was driving northbound when the incident happened. The deer shattered the truck’s windshield.

Molnar said it appeared to be an intentional act and one that’s taken seriously in Virginia, where such a crime is a felony.

 “It appears that someone tied the rope around the deer and either previously hung the deer over the overpass or threw it over when the driver passed under,” said Molnar.

The driver told a WRLH-TV reporter that the rope hit him in the face and that he got slivers of glass in his eyes.

Sgt. Molnar says they’ve investigated numerous cases of objects being thrown off overpasses, but never one like this.

So far, no one is in custody. The investigation is ongoing.

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