Canadian transportation officials could follow U.S. lead regarding EOBRs

By Land Line staff | 12/7/2012

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators has put together a committee to develop a presentation for the ministry in regards to the feasibility of an EOBR mandate for Canada.

Doug Morris, OOIDA Director of Security Operations, reports that the plan is being developed in consideration of the U.S. mandate of electronic onboard recorders.

CCMTA is the official organization in Canada for coordinating all matters dealing with the administration, regulation and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. CCMTA incorporates members from all levels of Canadian government – provincial, territorial and federal – as well as associate members from transportation-related organizations. The organization met last month in Ottawa, Ontario, for its annual meeting.

Morris, who attended the meeting, said CCMTA will make the EOBR presentation to the government in the spring of 2013.

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