Truckers for Troops: fun and competition, all for a great cause

| 12/5/2012

The Truckers for Troops campaign started in 2007 with the modest goal of raising $5,000. Now midway through the sixth campaign, all signs point to the generosity of truckers coming through in a big way again.

With the phone lines buzzing and tallies being kept, the light-hearted competition between the branches of the troops continues to keep the laughs rolling on the Truckers for Troops telethon airing nightly on “Land Line Now.”

News Anchor Reed Black, a veteran of the Army, and Land Line Magazine’s Managing Editor Jami Jones have a long-standing bet that Jami has lost, every single year. She has bet Reed that all of the other branches of the military can collect more “votes” than Army during the week-long telethon.

They’ve had the bet since 2008. Jami hasn’t won yet and appears to be getting desperate. Be sure to tune in to the show to at 7 p.m. or 11 p.m. EST on the Road Dog Channel, Sirius XM channel 106 to see what stunt she’ll pull next in her quest to overthrow Reed.

The campaign runs Dec. 3-7, and during the week of the event OOIDA will offer new and renewal memberships for $25 – a savings of $20 off regular dues. Ten percent of member dues paid during the campaign will go toward care packages. OOIDA will then match those funds. The discounted memberships will continue through Jan. 31.

Tuesday, some callers were surprised to be chatting with OOIDA President Jim Johnston. Wednesday, Rod Nofziger, OOIDA’s chief of staff, hopped on the phones to chat with members who were calling in to renew and join during Truckers for Troops. Friday, OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer will be on the phones.

The campaign has already received a head start with a donation from Shell Rotella for $5,000.

The first five Truckers for Troops campaigns have raised more than $303,000 for care packages.

To participate in Truckers for Troops, you can call 800-444-5791 during regular business hours and during the evening broadcast of “Land Line Now.” If you call after business hours, press 1 and leave a voicemail and someone in membership will call you back.

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