FBI warns truckers, U.S. retailers of Canadian shipping scam

| 11/27/2012

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into multiple fraudulent Canadian businesses that order products, including construction materials, tires, auto parts and painting supplies to be delivered to Canada, but then fail to pay the trucking companies for the loads or to pay retailers for the goods.

The FBI has titled the investigation “Operation Canscam.” The five businesses allegedly linked to the scheme include Canstruct Inc., AYA Distributors, Xpress Auto Parts, Point Tech Performer Inc., and Emptech, which are located in or around Montreal, Quebec, according to information about the scam on the FBI’s website.

Those who may have fallen victim to the scam are urged to fill out an online questionnaire, call the FBI Office for Victim Assistance at 877-236-8947 and select option 2, or email the agency at canscam@ic.fbi.gov.

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