OOIDA board election: It's time to vote

| 11/12/2012

Every two years, OOIDA holds an election for alternates to the Association’s Board of Directors. Alternates are elected by and from the membership for two-year terms. Ballots were sent out on Friday, Nov. 9.

Along with mailing or faxing in the ballot, there’s another way to vote. The Association offers an online ballot process that makes voting easy and secure. Just follow the instructions. It’s a secure site, and only members will have access by providing a name and member number. You will only be able to vote one time.

The Association has made information available about each nominee in a number of easily-accessible ways. The November issue of Land Line featured all of the nine nominees with short bios and a photo of each. This week, the information will be available on landlinemag.com in the magazine archives.

As part of the election process, interviews with each of the nominees will be broadcast on OOIDA’s satellite radio show “Land Line Now” on Sirius XM 106 Road Dog Channel. The interviews will re-air on Dec. 26-28.

“It’s important that you read about these nominees or listen to the radio show interviews so you can make a good decision and vote for those nominees who you feel are qualified to sit on the OOIDA board,” says OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston. “This process is an important part of your membership as you are responsible for electing the individuals who lead and guide your Association.”

Your vote must be received or delivered to OOIDA headquarters by Dec. 31.

Five successful nominees will be seated at the spring board meeting in 2013.

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