OOIDA on the road: Don't be jealous but …

By Kerry Evans-Spillman, Land Line staff | 11/2/2012

If you’re not in Miami right now, you’re missing 81 degrees and white puffy clouds.

This weather report is courtesy of OOIDA Senior Member and tour truck pilot Jon Osburn. He’s in Southern Florida today enjoying Cuban food and having OOIDA’s tour truck, “The Spirit of the American Trucker,” shined up for the Meca South Florida Truck Show.

Festivities begin tomorrow, Nov. 3, at the 595 Truck Stop in Davie, FL. Admission is free to this National Association of Show Trucks event. Jon will be on the scene along with Life Member Ron Mermis and his NASCAR simulator.

You can join or renew your OOIDA membership with Jon or Ron and receive a $20 discount.

And if you’re not jealous yet, Jon recently took a few days off to celebrate his birthday back home in Idaho where his wife treated him to a Jimmy Buffet concert complete with backstage passes.

Since he’s been back on the road, longtime members, new members and not-yet members have been visiting The Spirit to get information on the Association, industry news and election scoop from truckvote.com.

Jon told Land Line he’s impressed how, “Drivers are starting to realize that they need to be responsible and look at the person, not just the party.”

He said he talks to more and more drivers who analyze their candidates based on what they have done or plan to do for the trucking industry instead of just voting party lines.

Jon also loves the enthusiasm truckers have for getting involved. At a couple of his stops, the tires have barely stopped moving when he already has people coming up to The Spirit wanting to join OOIDA and take advantage of the discount.

In addition to the upcoming election, he said other hot topics from visitors have included the OOIDA webinars, insurance programs and business tips.

Cruise down to the show if you’re in the area tomorrow and see Jon and The Spirit or catch up with him at one of the following locations:

  • Nov. 5-7, T/A, I-95 and State Rte 60, Exit 147, Vero Beach, FL
  • Nov. 8-10, T/A, I-75 at Rte 44, Exit 329, Wildwood, FL
  • Nov. 11-13, Petro, I-75, Exit 368, Reddick, FL
  • Nov. 14-16, T/A, I-10, Exit 142, Marianna, FL
  • Nov. 17-19, T/A, I-10, Exit 266, Slidell, LA
  • Nov. 20-12, T/A, I-10 and State Rd 182, MM 101, Lafayette, LA
  • Nov. 23-24, T/A, I-10 and Thompson Rd, Exit 789, Baytown, TX
  • Nov. 26-27, T/A, I-10, Exit 583, San Antonio, TX
  • Nov. 28-29, Petro, I-10, Exit 581 at Ackerman Rd, San Antonio, TX
  • Dec. 1-3, Petro, I-10, Exit 37 at Horizon Blvd, El Paso, TX
  • Dec. 4-5, T/A, I-10, Exit 139, Hwy 292, Las Cruces, NM
  • Dec. 6-7, T/A, I-10, 1501 Ft Grant Rd, Exit 340, Willcox, AZ
  • Dec. 8-10, Petro, I-10, Exit 200 at Sunland Gin Rd, Eloy, AZ
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