States declare emergencies before hurricane's landfall

| 10/29/2012

Governors of 12 states, as well as the mayor of the District of Columbia, declared states of emergency in the hours leading up to Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has collected the declarations on its website for easy access by truck drivers needing to stay abreast of relief efforts during and after Hurricane Sandy. You can access those declarations here.

Some of the declarations merely give the governors the power to call in federal assistance, or to mobilize the National Guard. However, other states, such as Connecticut, have already waived hours-of-service regulations for out-of-state trucks assisting in relief efforts. Virginia lumps in size and weight restrictions as regulations being eased to facilitate relief efforts.

It’s advised that all truckers anticipating travel in affected states check for waivers and necessary permits before proceeding into damaged areas.

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