Wall Street Journal picks TrailerTails for award

| 10/19/2012

ATDynamics announced this week that the company has been awarded the 2012 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in the transportation category for its patented TrailerTail line of rear-drag aerodynamic technologies.

The TrailerTail is a lightweight, thermoplastic composite fairing installed at the back of a tractor-trailer to streamline airflow behind the trailer, reducing drag and fuel consumption. Using an origami folding design, TrailerTails collapse automatically out of the way when a driver opens the rear doors of a semi-trailer to access cargo.

ATDynamics was selected from among 536 applications originating from more than two dozen countries. 

According to the press release, to date 12,000 TrailerTails circulating on U.S. highways have logged more than 300 million miles. The company claims a savings of more than 2 million gallons of diesel fuel.

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