Failed attempt at bridge limbo costs Hawaiian trucking company

By Land Line staff | 10/19/2012

A trucking company in Hawaii is paying the price after one of its trucks carrying an over-dimensional load took out a pedestrian bridge on Monday.

The state DOT spokeswoman told Hawaii News Now that the company, Tibbitts Trucking based in Kailua, did not have a permit for hauling the forklift that struck the pedestrian bridge in Aiea. The crash caused a five-ton section of the bridge to fall to the ground. No one was injured, but the incident has left school kids and others without a walkway for the time being.

Once the bridge is repaired, the DOT will hand Tibbitts the bill – likely in the range of $200,000 to $300,000 – according to the news report.

The DOT spokeswoman said the trucking company had a clean record with the exception of a few minor infractions.