Driver evades New Jersey tolls, busted at George Washington Bridge

By Kimberely Lennard, Land Line staff writer | 10/12/2012

A Florida truck driver planned on evading the toll at the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday, Oct. 10, but changed his mind when he spotted port authority police nearby. The decision to pay the toll didn’t work out well either.

Magdiel Millar, 29, of Hialeah, FL, was pulled over at 6:40 p.m. when Officer Christopher Terranova observed Millar’s license plate had “obviously been altered,” Steve Coleman, spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, told Land Line. The “L” on the truck’s license plate had been changed to a “T” with tape.

Millar had been in the EZ-Pass lane when he spotted Terranova and moved to the cash only lane. Millar told the officer he had driven the entire length of the New Jersey Turnpike without paying a toll and had planned on evading the George Washington Bridge toll as well, according to Coleman. The New Jersey toll evaded would have been as much as $56 and the GWB toll as much as $78.

Police checked into Millar’s background and found he had previously violated tolls on three other occasions, once in 2010 and twice in 2012, for a total of $148. Because Millar had been using altered plates, police couldn’t tie previous evasions to him.

Millar was charged with tampering with public records for defacing a license plate.

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