OOIDA's Doug Morris to chair coordinating council under DHS

By Land Line staff | 10/10/2012

Doug Morris, OOIDA’s Director of Security, has been named the new chairman of the Highway and Motor Carrier Sector Coordinating Council. The HMC-SCC is part of the Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council to the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

His involvement with this council places Morris at high-level meetings where guidelines for energy shipments and Department of Defense loads are discussed.

 Photo courtesy of OOIDA staff

OOIDA Director of Security Doug Morris

The HMC-SCC, under CIPAC guidelines, acts in an advisory capacity to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies on issues relating to security and infrastructure protection, preparedness and response for commercial highway transportation.  

The HMC-SCC, under a newly established private sector partnership pilot program, also provides industry expert support to intelligence analysts reporting to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  

“We may be only one deep, but we are a voice for small-business truckers and we are at the table,” said Morris.

Morris is a member of OOIDA’s Washington, DC, staff and has held the Director of Security position since November 2008. He administers OOIDA’s Transportation Alert Communication and Emergency Response (known as TRACER) program and coordinates the Association’s participation in the First Observer program. He also represents OOIDA at meetings of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

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