NorPass, Drivewyze join to expand coverage

| 9/26/2012

NorPass users will now be able to bypass more weigh stations thanks to an agreement with Drivewyze, a phone- and GPS-based inspection bypass system. The companies announced their partnership on Sept. 24.

Both systems allow trucks to bypass weigh stations via a signal sent to the scale house. NorPass uses a transponder in the truck. Drivewyze uses a smartphone application and geofencing. The Drivewyze system is activated when a truck passes through a geofence. The system will then communicate to the driver via the app and to the scale whether the truck is free to pass or must stop at the inspection location.

NorPass carriers will be able to bypass weigh stations at 111 additional locations in 12 more states using their transponder plus Drivewyze’s PreClear service, for a total of 19 states, plus British Columbia and Quebec in Canada, according to the announcement.

In addition to permanent facilities, Drivewyze PreClear allows bypass of temporary mobile inspection sites.

NorPass users will receive a discount on their Drivewyze PreClear subscription. Single- and multistate plans are available.

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