OOIDA webinar takes you on a regulatory expedition

By Kerry Evans-Spillman, Land Line staff | 9/21/2012

When it comes to industry regulations, what do you need to know and where can you go to find that information? And once you have the knowledge, how do you use it to your advantage?

OOIDA’s upcoming webinar will give you a regulation roadmap, explaining the who, what and where of government agencies, legislation and making your voice heard on issues that affect your trucking business.

Tune in for the live broadcast on Thursday, Sept. 27, or view it in the archive after the broadcast at your convenience.

Dan Brown is an OOIDA member and company driver from Fleming, NJ. He bought a ‘six pack’ of courses back in March.

He said the webinars are very well organized and presented. “The information available on the net about becoming an owner-operator is typically encountered at random while researching single subjects. OOIDA’s curriculum serves as a common source for all of these, and several other topics that someone starting from scratch may not realize they need to know about.”

When Dan is ready to make the leap to owner-operator, he says OOIDA’s knowledgeable staff is who he’ll rely on as his “guidance counselor” through the process.

Dan says, “hearing from real people who clearly know the subject matter adds tremendous credibility to the points of view OOIDA advocates.”

One mistake Dan won’t be making after taking the classes? A bad lease purchase.

He said, “One of my favorite things I learned from the webinars was highlighted again in the last one. When advertising for drivers via magazine ads, most major carriers promote the availability of a lease-purchase program … I have also learned the following from OOIDA: Don’t do it!” 

The road has been home for the last several months and Dan’s schedule hasn’t included time for some of the previous courses. He isn’t worried though. He’s going to catch up on them in the archive at his convenience.

Few business-training seminars offer OOIDA’s experience and knowledge of trucking related topics, especially those relevant to owner-operators. The 2012 series is no exception.

This series of webinars gives truckers a one-two punch with some programs designed to help drivers understand rules, regulations and industry requirements, while other courses teach participants about the business side of trucking.

Webinars cover topics such as transitioning from company driver to owner-operator, the authority process, using load boards and more.

OOIDA designed the program with convenience and truckers’ schedules in mind. “Webinars are presented by industry professionals in a user-friendly format delivered directly to the participant’s computer,” OOIDA Webinar Host Tom Gann said.

Programs can be viewed during the original airing, and participants can revisit the material later at their convenience. Or they can sign up to view any program in the easy-to-access archive files, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There are two programs a month, each lasting about an hour. All programs are designed to help drivers at all levels in their career. Truckers may purchase the entire course, or choose individual programs, or pick several webinars with smaller, affordable package deals.

For more information, visit ooida.com/webinar, or call 800-444-5791, or follow the webinar series on Facebook.

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