New Jersey driver busted in toll evasion attempt

By Kimberely Lennard, Land Line staff writer | 9/12/2012

Police at the Port of New York and New Jersey busted a truck driver attempting to avoid tolls on the George Washington Bridge on Monday, Sept. 3.

Wiston Montas-Alejos, 25, was arrested after Officer Steve Pisciotta pulled the Paterson, NJ, driver over at 8:50 a.m. According to port police spokesman Al Della Fave, Pisciotta noticed the front license plate of the 1999 Freightliner was mounted high -- a trick used to avoid toll cameras -- and the rear plate had a huge black smear on the last character.

The officer took a photo of the front plate and continued inspecting the truck. When he returned to the front of the truck, material that had turned a 6 into an 8 on the license plate had been removed, reported Della Fave. When the Pisciotta questioned Montas-Alejos, who drives for Altagracia Transport Corp., he denied doing anything until the officer showed him the photo.

By altering the numbers on the plates, another trucking company was being charged for Montas-Alejos’ tolls. E-ZPass told port police Montas-Alejos had violated their toll system twice the previous week. Police are trying to determine how many times the plates had been used on the other company’s dime.

Montas-Alejos was charged with theft of service, hindering, tampering, unclear and altered rear plate, altered front plate, failure to provide insurance proof and a cracked windshield.

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