DEF prices rise, Manitoba gets DEF at the pump

| 9/10/2012

The average price of bulk and truck stop diesel exhaust fluid climbed 7 cents in August, after dropping 28 cents in July, according to DEF Tracker. Michigan, Iowa and Connecticut saw DEF pump prices drop. In all other U.S. states, the average pump price remained the same or increased.

In other DEF news, Pilot Flying J recently added DEF at the pump at its Headingley, Manitoba, location. DEF Tracker reported that this is the first DEF pump for Manitoba and the eighth for Canada. Seven of the Canadian locations are Pilot Flying J’s; the other is owned by Irving Oil in St. Liboire, Quebec. Alberta and British Columbia have no DEF pumps as of yet. Canadian DEF prices have remained unchanged at 79 cents Canadian per liter ($2.99 per gallon U.S.).

Pilot Flying J plans to offer DEF at all of its trucks stops by the end of 2013, according to DEF Tracker. The truck stop chain currently offers DEF pump-side at 329 of its 525 locations.

Loves and Travel Centers of America plan to have bulk DEF by the end of 2012. Loves offers DEF at 158 of its 234 locations, and as of Sept. 5 TA offered it at 114 of its 238 truck stops.

DEF Tracker is an independent monthly DEF price reference for the North American market published by Integer Research, a London-based research service firm that analyzes global commodity markets.