Indiana Toll Road converts to E-ZPass, ditches iZoom

By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor | 9/10/2012

Goodbye, iZoom Girl; your services are no longer required. The Indiana Toll Road is converting to E-ZPass, replacing the former iZoom brand and its cartoon superhero mascot. The change is in name only, and does not affect accounts or payments by users, the agency says.

Back in March, ITR Concession Co. became the first private company in the U.S. to be accepted into the network of 22 agencies operating E-ZPass in 11 states.

ITR Concession Co. is a consortium consisting of Cintra of Spain and Macquarie of Australia. In 2006, the group paid $3.85 billion in upfront cash to operate and maintain the toll road in exchange for keeping the toll revenue through 2081.

Part of the $40 million conversion involves removing iZoom and iZoom Girl signage, according to the company, which plans to launch a new website.

Transponders issued by the Indiana Toll Road will be accepted on all E-ZPass facilities, the agency said.

The lease agreement between the state and ITR Concession Co. allowed the investor to more than double the toll rates in the first five years. Future toll increases keep up with inflation, likely to the tune of 3 percent each year.

The controversial lease also contains a non-compete clause that prevents the state from upgrading nearby toll-free routes that might compete with the toll road.

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