CVSA Brake Safety Week kicks off Sunday, Sept. 9

By Land Line staff | 9/7/2012

Roadside inspectors will be checking brakes on thousands of commercial vehicles in the coming week as part of CVSA Brake Safety Week 2012. The campaign begins Sunday, Sept. 9.

Inspectors certified by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will conduct Level IV inspections in the U.S. and Canada as part of the Operation Air Brake campaign.

The target list for inspectors includes driver’s license, registration, low-air warning devices, pushrod travel (also known as chamber stroke), brake linings and drums, leaks and air-loss rate, and tractor protection systems.

Improperly maintained or faulty brakes led to a 30 percent out-of-service rate during the 30,800 inspections conducted during the 2011 campaign according to CVSA.

Operation Air Brake began in 1998 and is held in conjunction with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Brake manufacturer Bendix offers tips for what the company calls a shared responsibility to keep roadways and commercial vehicles safe.

“For Operation Air Brake, pre-trip brake inspections take on added importance. We suggest that drivers test for leaks, examine brake shoes, and measure chamber stroke in accordance with Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) and industry standard practices,” said Gary Ganaway, director of marketing and global customer solutions, in a statement from Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake.

Bendix suggests following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the adjustment of slack adjusters. The company says a good pre-trip inspection can help detect audible air leaks and determine whether brake shoes meet the minimum standards for lining thickness.

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