Traffic stop leads to discovery of body in Dallas truck

By Kimberely Lennard, Land Line staff writer | 8/21/2012

What began as a traffic stop of a truck with smoking tires led to a grisly discovery by a Dallas police officer early Monday morning.

According to the arrest warrant, at about 4 a.m. Monday, Aug. 20, an officer spotted a green bobtail truck traveling on the service road near Interstate 20 with the tires smoking and pulled it over. The driver, 49-year-old Roderick Jordan, was “doing a lot of movement inside the vehicle.” 

The warrant stated that when asked if there was someone else in the truck, Jordan replied, “No.” The officer then asked to check inside the vehicle, which Jordan agreed to. The officer saw the body of a black male and asked who he was. Jordan responded, “He is dead.”

Further investigation revealed the victim was indeed dead and had “what appeared to be several stab wounds.” Jordan was arrested and his blood-stained clothing later collected.

At press time the victim had not been positively identified and police were trying to determine if the truck was stolen.

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