Michigan bills cover truck enforcement, HOS

By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor | 8/14/2012

Lawmakers in Michigan are among a handful of state legislatures that continue to work late into the summer. Issues that could be considered include various issues of interest to truck drivers.

One Senate bill would revise certain overweight truck rules. Specifically, SB968 would give courts discretion in imposing penalties on trucks that are not overweight overall, but may have one or more axles carrying more weight than allowed.

Michigan law now requires courts to impose a $200 fine for axle weight violations up to 4,000 pounds.

Sen. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, introduced a bill to apply the change only to loads that are overweight on as many as three axles. It is awaiting consideration in the Senate Transportation Committee.

Another bill in the Senate Transportation Committee would throw out hours-of-service regulations for intrastate carriers in seasonal construction service.

Currently, Michigan law may not permit or require intrastate operations focused on seasonal construction-related activities to work more than 12 hours or be on duty more than 16 hours in any day, or be in operation after being on duty 80 hours in the previous eight days.

Sponsored by Sen. Michael Kowall, R-White Lake, SB1154 would eliminate the restrictions.

One more bill would put in place restrictions on local government enforcement of truck rules.

Rep. Greg MacMaster, R-Kewadin, is the sponsor of a bill to prohibit more than one citation to a truck driver for the same violation within one 24-hour period, by any agency.

Also covered is how fine revenue is distributed. Currently, localities keep 70 percent of fines while another 30 percent is designated for “library purposes.”

The bill would shift the local portion of revenue to the state for road work. HB5762 is in the House Transportation Committee.

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