Ohio County finds most fatal wrecks were not fault of trucker

| 4/6/2012

A county just north of Columbus, OH, saw a spike in fatal wrecks involving big trucks last fall.

Instead of clamping down on truck traffic on Interstate 71, the county worked with health officials and trucking companies to study why the wrecks were occurring.

Delaware County law enforcement officials discovered that of 10 fatal wrecks that involved commercial trucks in the last three years, seven wrecks were the fault of other drivers – not the truck driver.

Other drivers were following trucks too closely, cutting in front of trucks or simply losing control while near big rigs.

In an interview with Land Line Now, Jackie Bain of the Delaware County Health Department said Thursday the county is campaigning to remind motorists about driving safely around large trucks.

The county plans to bring back the “no zone” campaign that explains truck blind spots, and the county reportedly hopes to implement a safety program at area high schools.

Land Line Now Reporter Reed Black contributed to this article.