TAB Bank continues addressing glitches one month after software upgrade

By Clarissa Kell-Holland, Land Line staff writer | 3/26/2012

More problems still remain than have been fixed since the Transportation Alliance Bank of Ogden, UT, upgraded its core computer network a month ago.

In addition to setting up a new bill pay system, TAB is reporting that four of the 10 major issues customers have been experiencing since the upgrade have been fixed as of Monday, March 26.

Some of the issues that remain include the inability to get guaranteed checks using TAB’s online banking system; the inability to transfer more than one user ID from the old system to the new system; the inability to link multiple accounts to online banking login; and the inability to register TCH checks through the phone system.

As of Friday, March 23, some TAB customers told Land Line they were still unable to get an accurate account balance and were waiting on bank statements to be mailed to them.

“Our account shows us one minute as being negative $500 to being positive $1,500 the next time we log in and we haven’t used it,” an OOIDA member from Texas said.

After approximately 30 hours on the phone with TAB in the past month, one small-business owner said his major problem with being “double-dinged” for pre-authorizations and transactions was finally fixed on Friday.

Countless small-business truckers watched their profits dwindle after the computer upgrade left them stranded, unable to access their accounts or fuel cards through TAB.

In the two days after the upgrade, TAB received more than 40,000 phone calls from customers who were locked out of their accounts.

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