Diesel average up 2 cents for the week to $4.14

By Land Line staff | 3/19/2012

The national average price for on highway diesel fuel increased 2 cents for the week ending Monday, March 19. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported the average at $4.142 on Monday, 23 cents higher than the average one year ago.

The average in California hovered just shy of $4.50 per gallon for the second week in a row, 44 cents above the average in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions.

Prices in the Rocky Mountain region increased 5 cents for the week and nearly 14 cents in the past two weeks.

Following are the averages for the week as reported by the EIA:

U.S. – $4.142, up 1.9 cents
East Coast – $4.184, up 1.5 cents
New England – $4.259, up nine-tenths of a cent
Central Atlantic – $4.269, up 2.2 cents
Lower Atlantic – $4.106, up 1 cent
Midwest – $4.040, up 2.4 cents
Gulf Coast – $4.053, up 1.7 cents
Rocky Mountain – $4.119, up 5 cents
West Coast – $4.431, up 1 cent
California – $4.481, down two-tenths of a cent

ProMiles reported the daily average at $4.146 on Monday, up a half-cent overnight. Leading the way was Washington state at $4.527 per gallon, while Indiana had the lowest average at $3.888 including taxes.

Crude oil prices were on the rise Monday according to the New York Mercantile Exchange. Light sweet crude was trading at $108 per barrel, up 94 cents during midday trading.

Oil prices in Europe were above $126 a barrel on reports about a strengthening economy.