CARB fines DPF maker $103,000 over illegal diesel filters

By Land Line staff | 3/14/2012

The California Air Resources Board has fined a diesel particulate filter $103,000 for selling DPF systems the air quality agency says are illegal.

Donaldson Co. Inc. of Minneapolis paid the administrative fine recently.

CARB says its investigation showed Donaldson sold 103 systems that didn’t include a back pressure monitor. In a news release, CARB officials described the back pressure monitor as “a device essential to the performance of both the filter and the engine of the vehicle.”

“Any equipment that does not comply with the state’s standards cannot operate legally,” said James Ryden, CARB enforcement chief, according to the news release.

Donaldson “voluntarily” mounted a service campaign to upgrade the systems sold in California with a back pressure monitor.

Of the $103,000 paid by Donaldson, $77,250 went to the California Air Pollution Control Fund and $25,750 went to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.