Fat to fuel?

| 3/14/2012

Tyson Foods has partnered with Syntroleum, a Tulsa-based company, to convert animal fat into diesel fuel. Dynamic Fuels – the joint venture of Syntroleum and Tyson – claims the renewable fuel has a higher cetane rating than normal diesel and is some of the highest-quality diesel fuel in the world.

Operations are underway at the new Dynamic Fuels plant, which is converting animal fats and greases into high-quality renewable fuels. Production at the Geismar, LA, plant began in early October, and the volume currently being produced is 2,500 barrels per day and growing.

Unlike the ethanol and biodiesel industries, which use food ingredients such as corn and soybean oil to produce fuel, Dynamic Fuels uses non-food-grade animal fats and greases.

According to the company, the facility’s renewable diesel fuel product meets all ASTM D975 specifications for diesel fuel and boasts a carbon footprint 75 percent below that of petroleum diesel.