Ohio Turnpike to revisit payout policies to employees

By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor | 3/9/2012

The executive director of the Ohio Turnpike says it’s time to revisit the agency’s policy relating to payouts to employees. Comments from Rick Hodges, the turnpike’s executive director, stemmed from a local news story that said Hodges was stunned by how much money – $1.4 million – the agency paid out last year in separation pay, unused vacations and sick time.

“I believe that people are entitled to vacation leave, which is an opportunity to enjoy time with family or relax and recharge, while sick time should be available for people who are ill and need it,” Executive Director Rick Hodges told Land Line via email.

“When these policies were created, I don’t believe the intent was for them to be used as retirement plans. So I feel we should revisit these policies, first to make sure they are similar to other state agencies and also to make sure they are in line with the commission’s overall goals and objectives.”

The Plain Dealer reported on this earlier this week.

Hodges has been the director of the Ohio Turnpike since November 2011.

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