Massive boulder on schedule for delivery

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 3/9/2012

A 300-foot-long transporter with 176 wheels is on schedule to deliver a huge chunk of granite to an art museum on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles Saturday morning.

The 340-ton boulder is part of a new exhibit called “Levitated Mass” and will be positioned so it appears to hover above visitors.

The 110-mile trip from the quarry, which has taken 11 nights, has gone smoothly – even though scores of telephone and power lines had to be moved so the two-story tall transporter could pass through at five-miles-per hour.

Emmert International is handling the move. The company’s vice president Terry Emmert says he never thought he’d be moving a piece of art that was a large piece of granite, the logistics have been by far the most difficult he’s experienced.

“We had 22 cities to deal with, three counties, and obviously the Caltrans within the state here,” Emmert said. “We have over 40 utility companies in front of us and behind us taking down the signals, telephone poles, utility lines and putting them back up as we go through different cities here.”

Overall, he says the move has been going “quite well.”

“There have been some very tight spots to get through. This rock transporter is 300 feet long, 28 feet wide, 23 feet high. We have two crane movers on the front pulling and four crane movers on the back pushing the trailer.”

Emmert says they’ve handled much heavier loads – as much as 3,000 tons or more – but none that drew so much attention. Even though they move only late at night, he says hordes of people come out to watch.

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