Trucker fights carjacker to save her dog

By Land Line staff | Friday, March 09, 2012

In Alorton, IL, which is part of East St. Louis, a trucker was attacked at a Flying J on Thursday morning, March 8, then dragged as she tried to stop a man from stealing her rental car with her dog inside it.

Police say the trucker, who’s in her 40s, was at the truck stop waiting to get a replacement company truck for one that had broken down.

Auto Theft Task Force Director Gary Brewer says just before 2 a.m. she was taking laundry out to her car when a man who was mumbling something approached her from behind.

“He struck her from behind, then took possession of her automobile. And with her dog being in the kennel, she tried to fight with him, “Brewer said. “As he backed out, he drug her a short distance across the lot and then left the lot.”

Brewer says the trucker was not seriously hurt. Police found her car, with her dog safe inside, later Thursday morning.

He says they have good surveillance video of the suspect, who had been hanging around the truck stop for about a week begging for money.

Brewer says Flying J had called the police several times to have the man removed, but that he always managed to run off just as officers were arriving.