Fuel thieves busy these days

By Land Line staff | 3/7/2012

State police in Pennsylvania are investigating a series of thefts of diesel fuel from trucks parked at a truck stop in Boggs Township. Police said the same unknown suspect is thought to be responsible for several thefts of large amounts of diesel in the last few weeks from Rees’ Exxon Truck Stop, Exit 147 off I-80 in Snow Shoe, PA.

In North Carolina, police still have no leads in two cases of fuel theft that occurred at the Flying J off Interstate 40/85 in Graham, west of Durham. Police say even though a trucker had a lock on his fuel tank, thieves still made off with more than $500 worth of his diesel.

Capt. Steve McGilvray of the Graham Police Department told “Land Line Now” that the trucker checked the tanks and found they were empty and that someone had damaged the locking fuel cap.

He says there was a similar theft at the Wilco-Hess truck stop across the street two weeks ago. McGilvray says the trucker was sleeping in his berth at the time of the theft.

Last month in Oklahoma, a policeman saw a man stealing diesel fuel from a semi in the parking lot of an Oklahoma City Wal-Mart. Tulsa’s KTUL-TV reported that the OK City Police Department was doing surveillance following a rash of thefts when a thief was caught in the act. The officer approached the man, who jumped in his vehicle and tried to run over the officer. The officer shot the suspect. KTUL reported the suspect was not seriously wounded.

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