MATS 2002: Smartbrake introduces new endurance brake

| 3/22/2002

Smartbrake calls its new endurance brake the Air-Set Smartbrake and describes it as the "most versatile, durable, reliable and powerful" multifunctional endurance brake on the market today. And it's QUIET!

The company held its first Mid-America Trucking Show press conference Wednesday afternoon and answered the big question - why choose the Smartbrake over an engine pressure release brake? The Michigan-based company that manufactures this brake says there's plenty of reasons. It's lighter, less expensive, it requires minimal service attention and, unlike the engine brake, it does not require the engine be at a working temperature to operate effectively. In fact, Smartbrake says it may be used to assist warm up and eliminate "white smoke" in cold climate conditions.

What does it sound like? The company says the Smartbrake emits a "low growl" when operated, unlike the higher pitched noise associated with engine brakes, and trucks equipped with the Smartbrake have had no problems in areas banning engine brakes.

"The Air-Set Smartbrake has evolved into a versatile and multifunctional tool, which will perform operations far outside the normal scope of retarding devices," says Vic Harris, founder and owner. The Smartbrake is made for small, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

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