Carrier Transicold introduces new hybrid reefer unit

| 3/28/2006

Refrigerated trucking operators have a new tool to blunt the impact of diesel's steady upward price creep - Carrier Transicold's Vector 1800MT multi-temperature trailer refrigeration unit, the first transport refrigeration unit with built-in electric standby.

The unit was introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY.

Using patented Deltek hybrid diesel-electric technology, the Vector 1800MT is Carrier's premier multi-temperature unit, offering unprecedented system reliability, performance and an estimated 30 percent reduction in maintenance cost. The technology eliminates most mechanical components common to conventional trailer refrigeration units and uses an ultra-high-performance generator driven by the diesel motor to power the electrical system.

The Vector 1800MT unit's all-electric performance lends itself well to electric standby capability, which allows a parked unit to be plugged into an AC power source, eliminating the need to run the diesel motor.

Until now, the ability to run a transport refrigeration unit from an AC electrical source could be a relatively expensive add-on. But with the Vector 1800MT, 460-volt electric standby capability is built into every unit.

Electric standby is growing in importance to refrigerated haulers because it:

  • Conserves diesel fuel for the road;
  • Reduces engine wear;
  • Eliminates emissions from the refrigeration unit;
  • Eliminates engine noise during loading and unloading, a benefit for supermarkets and restaurants located in neighborhoods; and
  • Complies with regulations especially in California where use of electric standby at the loading dock is one of the approved methods for compliance with diesel emissions regulations.

The use of electric standby also adds-up to reduced operating costs. Powering a refrigeration unit from AC is considerably less expensive than powering it from the diesel engine - a savings greater than 50 percent. The reduced engine use also translates into reduced maintenance for even greater operational savings.

"The trend in fuel costs as well as emissions regulations is going in a direction that favors standby operation," said Mike Murdock, product manager, Trailer Products for Carrier. "The Vector 1800MT with Deltek technology is the right offering for the times."

"Standby capability is especially important in urban distribution, and in California where emissions regulations are strictest," Murdock added. "Vehicle operators can tap into standby power for emissions and noise abatement, fuel savings, reduced wear and tear, and, now, reduced cost of operation."

In addition to electric standby and maintenance savings, the Vector 1800MT refrigeration system is the first multi-temperature trailer unit to use Carrier's industry-leading Advance microprocessor control. It also offers the benefit of an all-electric heating system that provides constant heat capacity and tight temperature control, independently of outdoor temperature. Matched with Carrier single- and dual-discharge evaporators, the Vector 1800MT offers 11 different trailer configurations.

For more information about the Vector 1800MT multi-temperature trailer refrigeration system and its built-in standby capability, turn to the experts within the Carrier Transicold dealer network, or .

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