Two new owner-operator Volvo trucks unveiled at MATS

| 3/23/2006

Volvo Trucks North America introduced two new trucks for the owner-operator market: the Volvo VT 830 and the Volvo VN 730 mid-roof tractors Thursday, March 23, at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

"The new Volvo VT 830 and Volvo VN 730 provide application-focused alternatives for customers who want the same large sleeper and premium level of features and benefits already found in the Volvo VT 880 and Volvo VN 780, but with a lower roof height," said Peter Karlsten, president and CEO of Volvo Trucks North America.

"The lower roof height on these trucks significantly improves aerodynamics, while continuing to deliver the premium performance . including great visibility and safety, a comfortable driver environment, a very quiet cab, and a smooth, precise ride," Karlsten said. "Yet even with the mid-roof height, a 6-foot-4 inch driver can stand upright between the seats."

The height at the rear of the sleeper for both trucks is 86 inches, a full two feet less than the Volvo VT 880 and Volvo VN 780. The other sleeper dimensions have not changed: The sleepers for the Volvo VT 830 and Volvo VN 730 each are 77 inches deep and 95 inches wide.

The Volvo VT 830 is targeted at customers who want their truck to project a very powerful image inspired by a modern interpretation of classic styling. The Volvo VN 730 aims at customers who understand the value of Volvo's aerodynamic design leadership. Typical applications for the trucks include low trailer heights such as flatbeds, lowboys, heavy haul and containers, or other dense load applications, such as grains or liquids.

All chassis and power train options currently available for the Volvo VT 880 and Volvo VN 780 are available on the two new models. This includes the Volvo D16 engine, axles, suspensions, wheelbase combinations, fuel tanks and chassis aerodynamic treatments.

The new Volvo models are expected to be very popular with team drivers, especially husband and wife teams. Therefore, Volvo has developed three different bunk configurations available for either model.

The newest is a single bunk that is 53 inches by 79 inches, which is the same width as a traditional full-sized mattress. Volvo offers two innerspring 53-inch mattress choices. This configuration also includes additional underbunk storage capacity. The bunk raises on two gas-filled struts to allow easy storage access. Overhead storage on the bunk wall is included.

Two other bunk configuration options are available: dual bunks, with a 42-inch-wide lower bunk and a 32-inch upper bunk; or a single 42-inch lower bunk. Volvo's workstation is an available option with both 42-inch lower bunk configurations.

The Volvo VT 830 has the same trim packages as the Volvo VT 880: Premier Neo-Classic, Premier Techno and Premier Limited. The VT 830 also comes with the Saddle interior trim colors, which is exclusive to the Volvo VT series. This interior has a light tan color, similar to high-end luxury cars, with leather seats and brick-colored accent trim.

The Volvo VN 730 carries over the Volvo VN 780's very popular trim packages: Signature Neo-Classic, Elite Neo-Classic and Elite Techno.

The new cabs and sleepers are constructed of the same materials as Volvo's other offerings, high-strength steel for the cab and sleeper walls, floorpan, firewall and doors, while the roof is lightweight, yet durable sheet molding composite.

The cab and sleeper are robotically welded to very precise specifications and form a single extremely strong and quiet structure. The high-strength steel design and fabrication allows all Volvo trucks to exceed the Swedish Impact Test, the most demanding truck cab safety test in the world.

Safety is the standard design on all Volvos. Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology is standard with the Volvo VT 830 and VN 730. VEST is an advanced vehicle stability system designed to protect drivers against the dangers of rollovers, as well as a higher level of security from jackknifes. A driver's airbag is also standard on all Volvo trucks.

Customers who purchase the Volvo VT 830 get an additional level of protection through the Platinum Protection program: three years/600,000 miles or 10,800 operating hours, whichever comes first.

The extended coverage includes: six years/1 million miles for cab structure; six years/750,000 miles for frame rails and crossmembers; eight years/1 million miles for cab corrosion; and three years/600,000 miles for transmission, driveline and rear axles. In addition, the Volvo D16 engine, when installed, is covered for three years/600,000 miles/10,800 operating hours.

Platinum Protection is standard for all Volvo VT trucks - the VT 880, VT 800 and now the VT 830. The coverage also includes 24/7 access to Volvo Action Service for customer support, with a special toll-free number dedicated to Volvo VT owners. VAS is Volvo's round-the-clock roadside assistance organization.

The Volvo VT 830 also comes equipped with Volvo's proprietary two-way satellite communications system, Volvo Link, and the Volvo Link Sentry service.

Volvo Link Sentry is available at no charge for the 2007 model year Volvo VT 830. Volvo Link hardware is included on the VT 830; other Volvo Link services are available to VT 830 owners for a reduced fee.

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