Sirius XM offers hurricane updates

| 8/26/2011

Sirius XM satellite radio has made The Weather Channel available to listeners as part of its coverage of Hurricane Irene. The Weather Channel can be found on channel 1 as well as channel 184.

“In-depth coverage from The Weather Channel includes evacuation and safety tips, an explanation of the winds and pressure of the storm and its projected path and landfall expectations, how to deal with severe storms and flooding and more,” Sirius XM stated online.

Listeners have a variety of resources to keep up with the latest about the storm.

Road Dog Trucking Radio on channel 106 continues to provide news, weather and road updates geared specifically for truckers through its live and recorded programs.

Regional weather updates are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week as follows:

Boston-Philadelphia-Pittsburgh on channel 132; 
New York on channel 133; 
Washington DC-Baltimore-Atlanta on channel 134; 
Chicago-Detroit on channel 135; 
Miami-Orlando-Tampa-St. Petersburg on channel 136; 
Dallas-Ft. Worth-Houston-Phoenix on channel 137; 
St. Louis-Minneapolis-Las Vegas on channel 138; 
San Francisco-Seattle-San Diego on channel 139; and 
Los Angeles on channel 140.

The Canadian Weather Network can be found on channel 162.

News and public radio channels are located at 116-123 as well as 159 and 205.

A complete list of scheduling and programs is available here.