Missouri extends HOS waiver

| 5/27/2011

The Missouri Department of Public Safety extended the hours of service waiver for truckers responding to the tornado relief effort in Joplin to June 2.

The extended declaration can be found here.

Starting on Monday, May 23the Missouri Department of Transportation began expediting permits for large and heavy emergency loads to the Joplin region. The agency is also expediting permits for out-of-state registration and International Fuel Tax Agreement.

According to MoDOT, truckers planning to haul loads to the storm-affected area that require an oversize/overweight permit can request one by calling 573-291-4517 or 573-291-4853.

IFTA and international registration plan (IRP) permits can be obtained at no charge at 866-831-6277.

Participating carriers are exempt from HOS only while the declaration is in effect, according to MoDOT. Likewise, the provisions do not apply to carriers that aren’t directly involved in the emergency relief effort or delivering essential services or supplies. Click here to read the waiver.