Storms continue a rampage; hundreds remain missing in Joplin

By Land Line staff | 5/27/2011

Severe storms and vicious tornadoes continued to wreak havoc on communities in the Midwest and throughout the nation, the worst being the city of Joplin, MO.

Photo by Nikohle Ellis

This truck was damaged, but still sunnyside up after a tornado ripped through Sedalia, MO. The owner is John McFail Jr. of Houstonia, MO.

At least three people were killed in the Atlanta area by storms this week. Tornadoes killed at least 16 people in Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that 3-year-old Ryan Hamil’s body was found Thursday morning along a lakeshore near his home in Piedmont, OK.

The boy’s 15-month-old brother, Cole, also died during the tornado, and the AP reported that his sister and mother were injured.

The damage in last week’s Minneapolis tornado, which claimed one life and decimated hundreds of homes, is estimated at $166 million. 

A tornado that hit Sedalia, MO, Wednesday claimed zero fatalities, and authorities are crediting lessons learned from Sunday’s deadly tornado in Joplin.

The EF-2-classified tornado went through central Sedalia, news reports said, damaging 65 homes and injuring 15 residents.

In Joplin, the fatality count announced on Friday is up to 132. The newly revised list of missing persons is 156. The Missouri Department of Public Safety is keeping a list of names updated. No rescues have been made since Tuesday, but the search and rescue work continues. According to the City of Joplin, more than 600 volunteers and more than 50 dog teams are working today.

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